Anti Suit Entrepreneur is more than a book. It's a path towards building a life that you can live on your terms.

Escape the Suit & Tie, learn New Rules for the Economy, and Live Life on Your Terms

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The Buzz

  • Man, what can I say about these guys! Being an athlete (and coach myself) for 20 years, I have had A LOT of coaches and mentors so I know what good coaching is like and I also know what bad coaching is like. Now you might think that I'm exaggerating when I say this, but I will tell you straight up, I AM NOT! Jason and Chris are two of the BEST mentors that I've come across.

    Jason Parker Olympic Medalist, Professional Speaker

  • You guys....I'm just amazed… every time I go through something that you have created. It is just out of this world. I don't know where you find the time to learn this stuff and put it into practice.

    Joann Mansfield Real Estate Investor

  • Jason and Chris have been amazing for my business. What makes Jason and Chris different is that they actually taught me “specifics” on how to build my business. I know what to do hour-to-hour day-to-day, no guess work, just profitable production. Chris and Jason have tremendous integrity and they care and I think that is why they have worked so hard to discover what really works.

    George Fox Business Owner & Entrepreneur

  • If you are looking for mentors who go the extra mile to help you understand what you need to do in order to successfully achieve your goals, you should meet Chris and Jason. They are passionate about helping others to succeed in becoming entrepreneurs.

    Kathy Nelson Entrepreneur

  • If you are looking for no fluff, common sense mentorship to get your life on track, you found it with Jason Wells and Chris Lopez. They are great communicators with a visionary outlook. From personal experience, their coaching skills are the real deal!

    Lorenzo Garibay Small Business Owner

  • Teaching and mentorship is something I value... Jason and Chris have an innate ability to keep things simple and clear, while weaving absolute nuggets of knowledge into what they teach...and then they follow this up with gently,intuitively and sometimes bluntly...(in the nicest possible way)...mentoring people into action.

    Mary HenwoodEntrepreneur